👁️✨ Keep Myopia Away – Go Outdoors and Play with RBS Eye and Health Clinic! 🌳👩‍⚕️

Hello, everyone! Dr. Subathra Gnanavelu here from RBS Eye and Health Clinic.

🌟 Why Outdoor Play Matters for Myopia Prevention:

✅ Sunlight Benefits: Natural sunlight is crucial for eye health and helps reduce the risk of myopia.

✅ Reduce Screen Time: Outdoor activities provide a break from digital screens, supporting eye well-being.

✅ Encourage Focus Changes: Outdoor play involves looking at distant objects, reducing eye strain.

✅ Overall Health Benefits: Physical activity outdoors contributes to holistic well-being.

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Let’s prioritize eye health together! Keep myopia at bay—go outdoors and play!

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